'relaxing retreat'

Arrival guide

This cosy apartment is located within the central part of Maspalomas (Campo International). Close to local amenities but hidden away from the crowds and busy streets

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How to get to Maspalomas Lago

Getting by car

It’s a 23 mins drive along the motorway GC1 (southbound). In your SatNav navigation please type:

'Bungalows Maspalomas Lago'

It is located in Avenida Touroperador Kuoni 25, Bungalow 31. Take the exit 46 - 'Maspalomas'.

Getting by bus

There are daily and nightly bus routes from Airport to Maspalomas from Bus stop 1 (just outside Departures).
'Linea 66' - (towards Faro de Maspalomas) is the fastest connection running hourly round the clock lasting 34 mins. Your stop’s called Holiday World.
'Linea 90' - (towards Playa del Cura) also serves the way to Maspalomas taking 39 mins. This is mostly a nightly service running hourly from approx 20.20h to 05.38h. Your stop’s called 'Avenida Touroperador Neckermann'.

Street Parking

There are free street parking spaces in front of the complex and additional parking slots along the main road.

Main entrance

The main gate is open with a 4 digit code which will be sent to you before your arrival. The photos below will guide you to Bungalow no 31.

Turn left

Once inside, turn right and walk along the white row of bungalows

Turn right at the end

At the end of the row of bungalows turn right and walk down towards the centre.
Walk down ca. 100 meters (pass by 2 rows of apartments on your right)
Bungalow 31 is right in the corner